Recipe of Homemade Tuna Helper Creamy & Delicious

Written By: Mobin

Wholesome Ingredients: egg noodles, butter, onions, flour, milk, frozen peas, corn, cream cheese, parmesan cheese, Dijon mustard, garlic powder, black pepper.


Cook noodles, sauté onions in butter, add flour, stir till golden, pour in milk, thicken the mixture.

Cooking the Base

 Mix in peas, corn, cream cheese, parmesan, Dijon mustard, garlic powder, pepper, salt, blend well.

Adding Flavorful 

Complete the Dish: Introduce tuna, cooked noodles, parsley, stir till harmonized, allow flavors to meld.

Incorporating Protein

Perfect Presentation: Sprinkle with extra parsley, ready to serve the mouthwatering Homemade Tuna Helper.

Finishing Touches

Enjoy the Flavorful Twist: Elevate boxed tuna helper with homemade goodness, delight in a creamy, hearty meal.

Savor the Twist

Delight in Home Cooking: Relish the satisfaction of a homemade meal, a fulfilling family favorite with every bite.

Savory Satisfaction

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