Delicious Ham & Potato Soup Recipe

Written By: Mobin

Prepare your kitchen with diced ham, sliced carrots, minced garlic, cubed potatoes, vegetable broth, cream of celery soup.


Start by melting butter in a large pot, then add diced ham, carrots, and garlic. Cook until they release their aroma.

Preparation Steps

Introduce cubed potatoes, vegetable broth, and cream of celery soup to the pot. Stir until all ingredients are well combined.

Next Steps

Simmer the soup until the vegetables reach the desired tenderness, enhancing the flavors with each passing minute.


After removing from heat, gently stir in the half and half to enrich the soup's creamy consistency.

Finishing Touches

Indulge in the warmth and richness of this classic dish, perfect for any occasion or season.

Final Touch

Sprinkle freshly ground black pepper and chopped parsley for a vibrant finish before serving.

Garnish and Serve

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