Best Chicken Casserole with Stuffing Recipe

Written By: Mobin

Shredded chicken, condensed cream of chicken soup, salt, pepper, ground sage, whole cranberry sauce, canned corn, chopped green onions, butter.


Dump shredded chicken, cream of chicken soup, and seasonings in a bowl. Mix well. Add cranberry sauce, corn, and green onions. Stir until combined.

Recipe Step 1

Spread mixture in a greased baking dish. Boil water with butter. Add stuffing mix, cover, let sit for 5 minutes. Fluff and sprinkle over chicken mixture.

Recipe Step 2

Cover dish with foil, bake for 30 minutes. Enjoy this hearty chicken casserole, perfect for weeknight dinners. A complete meal in one dish!

Recipe Step 3

This Chicken Casserole with Stuffing is loaded with shredded rotisserie chicken, corn, green onions, and cranberry sauce, topped with flavorful stuffing.

Recipe Step 4

Experience the delicious flavors of a full chicken dinner in one convenient dish. Your family will love this tasty and satisfying meal!

Recipe Step 5

Try this Chicken Casserole with Stuffing for a flavorful twist on a classic dish. Perfect for busy weeknights or family gatherings.

Final Step

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